your state
of mind
Drop into personal conversations while you're commuting, walking your dog or running in the park. Vocalize your state of mind
— Talk any time and in any mood
Discover millions of unique people, filled with fascinating and unexpected conversations
— Uncover a network built for speaking your mind
Be surprised by awesome people and meaningful voice conversations — Rediscover old friends and make new ones too
— Share your personal thoughts with your people
Marcus Williams
Voicely is awesome, I couldn't actually meet people on other apps,
but here I found it easier. The algorithm definitely works, and it's great to de-stress with people about any topic.
Sarah Johnson
I can see what people mean when they say it's more personal. You meet people just like you and it works. You just have to be honest with the questions and you'll find the right people.
Tom Lewin
The app is awesome because Its actually much more convenient and personal speaking to people via audio. Far less time wasters than other apps.
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