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What is YouTalk?
A place where you can
speak out and be heard
No strangers
Today there is no solution that allows you to speak to those who do not want publicity but at the same time need a circle of like-minded people.
Just in time
YouTalk is a platform where it is easy for everyone to find suitable interlocutors and talk in a narrow circle on exciting topics.
Everyone is important
Here you can discuss important issues or laugh, find support or give advice, talk about your successes or share your failures, become part of a friendly community or create your own.
Find your circle
Do you want to communicate only with your like-minded people?

The unique format of YouTalk is circles made up of interlocutors who share your values, views, and interests.

The circle is a safe space where everyone can share their thoughts without fear of judgment.
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Talk to users from your circle at any time. In YouTalk you will always be heard.
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