Today, we want to share some interesting facts about your voice:
  • 85%
    Over 85% of people feel some level of discomfort or dislike for their own voice. This can be a barrier to successful communication and confident performances
  • 38%
    Studies show that about 38% of people admit that their voice hinders them in their professional activities, including presentations and negotiations
  • 50%
    More than half of people believe that misusing their voice is a cause of conflicts and misunderstandings in personal and professional life
These tips will make your voice sound better and help you feel more confident. Try them one by one, and you'll notice positive changes in your voice.
  • Voice Recording
    — Use your smartphone to record your voice.
    — Regularly listen to recordings to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Daily Practice
    — Dedicate just 5-10 minutes a day to record short texts or simple conversations.
    — Gradually increase practice time.
  • Change Intonation
    — Experiment with the pitch and pace of your voice.
    — Practice changing intonation to emphasize key points.
  • Breathing Exercises
    — Pay attention to proper breathing technique.
    — Practice deep breathing to improve voice strength and stability.
  • Use Emotions
    — Convey emotions through your voice: joy, surprise, enthusiasm.
    — Emotional connection with the audience makes your performance more engaging.
  • Work on Articulation
    — Pronounce words and phrases clearly.
    — Practice exercises to improve articulation.
  • Get Feedback
    — Share recordings with friends or family
    — Acknowledge positive aspects and aim for improvement
  • Mirror Monologue
    — Practice expressing emotions and controlling your voice while looking at your reflection.
  • Listen to Experienced Speakers
    — Listen to speeches by professional speakers.
    — Pay attention to their intonation, pauses, and expressiveness.
  • Take on Challenges
    — Step out of your comfort zone, try speaking in front of a small audience.
    — Every experience brings new lessons.

What about practice?
It's also important to learn to express your feelings through your voice. It's a safe way to share emotions. And remember, in the Voicey app, you can safely practice and develop your voice's capabilities, expressing various emotions